Obtain Free Foreclosure Listings

Obtaining Free Foreclosure Listings - Key To Generating Profits In Foreclosures!

Foreclosure listingsDon’t pay for foreclosure listings! It’s that simple. Trust me there are a number of ways to obtain free foreclosure listings but here is something you NEVER want to do.

NEVER call the agent named on a sign in the yard of a house you want to buy. This is important in any home purchase but especially important in learning how to buy foreclosures.
Remember, the agent on the sign works for the Seller (bank) and protects the Seller’s best interests, not yours.
Find a local real estate agent who will agree to work for you as a buyer’s agent. We’ll be going into more depth in future articles about how to find the right agent but suffice it to say, you need someone who is working for you.
After all could you imagine a divorce attorney representing both husband and wife? Of course not. So make sure you have your own representation that can help you navigate the labyrinth of problems that may arise in the purchase of foreclosure.

Now once you have secured your own buyer’s agent, he or she will feed you all of the listings that you need for free. There are also some good sources of free foreclosure listings. You should check them out and see if they work for you.
free foreclosure listings
Some of them have a subscription fee but they don’t charge you for actual listings. The subscription fees are nominal and inconsequential compared to the potential profit that you can make buying foreclosures. Most of the subscription companies have been around a while and are also quite reputable.