Oh Giada

Yesterday was a lazy day here in the Hampton house. It rained all day, so I decided to take that opportunity and get some house chores done. I mopped the floors, hung a few pictures that had been patiently waiting for a few months, paid all the bills, researched on electricity providers in Texas for a better power rate, and threw a healthy meal in the crock pot. I paid bills and researched on my laptop in the living room while watching ‘Giada at Home’ on the Food Network. Talk about hunger pains! Just as I was starting to smell the pot roast in the crock pot, she whips out a smoked salmon, goat cheese and arugula tart. HEAVENLY. Just watching her make it made me want to dump the roast and start over for the day. Not to mention how gracefully she prepares things. She’s rhythmically chopping leeks, where I’d be chasing little pieces all around the cutting board with a too-dull knife. Oh, Giada, you and your pretty accent make me look bad, woman.